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Midnight Sun Special

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You are my Midnight Sunshine, my only Midnight Sunshine...

You make me HAPPY AK when skies are gray...

Welcome to the Midnight Sun Headband Special!! 

🥳☀️😎 From October 14 - 30, you have the opportunity to purchase a set of three or a set of five exclusive headbands. These headbands won't ever be sold publicly and won't be sold in the next Midnight Sun Special window.
That means -- these exclusive headbands, this Midnight Sun Special only. 

"But what exactly are these headbands I'll be ordering??!!!...you ask. SURPRISE! Trust us! 

Part of what we love most about the Midnight Sun Special is the surprise. We know you’ll love what you get!

Since the headbands will never be released or sold anywhere else, when you see someone on the trail, in the store, or bopping around town wearing a headband you know is from the Midnight Sun Special, you'll share a moment of connection which will certainly brighten both of your days. 

3 Midnight Sun Special headbands for $35.99. ($45 value)

5 Midnight Sun Special headbands for $59.99. ($75 value)

Order yours today!! They will be shipped the first week in December.


🚨🚨🚨 The first 25 people to order will get a free set of our earrings. 

🚨🚨🚨 The first 50 people to order will be entered into a drawing to win a bundle of Happy AK swag. 


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